Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Training log - Week ending 12/6/2020

This week was 55 miles of running, 1000 yards of swimming and 12 "miles" of pool-running -- training log is here

Once I decided to race the Blue and Gray half-marathon this weekend, I pulled back on the intensity and the volume.  Tuesday's workout was intentionally short - just 3-4 800m repeats, plus some 200s, and I stuck to 3 reps after realizing how tired my legs were from the 5K on Saturday (doing 11 miles on land plus some more in the pool on Monday to front load mileage almost certainly didn't help).

The half went well.  It was one of the slower half-marathons I've ever run, but that's due mostly to the fact that I'm still rebuilding and some to the fact it was a tough course.  I was happy with the performance for where I am.

At the same point, it became obvious to me that I am not in the shape I wanted to be in, with just 3 weeks of training remaining before tapering for my goal marathon.  And while I am a big believer in not waiting until you are in shape to race, that's for half-marathons and shorter.  A marathon is a big investment in taper and post-race recovery; I'd rather not make that investment unless I have a good shot at running a PR.

So I've decided to pause marathon training for now, and do some more work on shorter distances, racing the 5Ks and 10Ks that are now popping up regularly in my area.  There are several small marathons that could happen in March and April, so I'll look to one of those.


Monday: In the morning, upper body weights/core and 11 miles easy (9:18) plus drills and four hill strides.  3.5 "miles" pool-running midday; foam rolling at night.

Tuesday: 10 miles, including an abbreviated track workout of 3x800, 4x200 in 3:09, 3:08, 3:06, 43, 43, 42, 41.  2:3x recovery for the 800s; full recovery for the 200s.  Followed with leg injury prevention work, streaming yoga, and 500 yards recovery swimming.   Foam rolling at night.

Wednesday: 7 miles very easy (9:09), plus another mile on the track to confirm accurate calibration of my footpod.  Followed with streaming yoga.  3.5 "miles" pool-running in afternoon.  Foam rolling at night.

Thursday:  Upper body weights/core and 5 "miles" pool-running.  Foam rolling at night.

Friday: DIY yoga and 7 miles, including just over a mile at half-marathon effort in 6:38 (~6:31 pace) Foam rolling at night.

Saturday: DIY yoga and 2 mile shakeout (9:36).  Foam rolling in afternoon.

Sunday:  3 mile warm-up and half-marathon in 1:31:08.  Followed with a half-mile cooldown jog and 500 yards recovery swimming.

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