Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sequel: 7 More WTF/Duh!/Huh? Moments/Observations About Pool Running.

A follow-up to my previous post.
  1. The overweight butterfly swimmer is the natural enemy of the dedicated pool-runner.
  2. It's pretty easy to distinguish between pool-runners and aqua-aerobics aficionados.   The latter wear a blissful, at peace expression, and are regularly heard to comment: "this is such great exercise!"  The former possess a haunted, driven look, and are perpetually muttering "this isn't enough - I'm losing so much fitness!"
  3. One benefit of pool-running for those who are high mileage -- bathing suits are cheaper than running shoes, and last longer.
  4. To the mother I encountered at the pool a few months back: if you insist on bringing your 4-5 year old son into the ladies locker room (despite the nice collection of large family changing rooms), do not get pissed off at me when I casually strip my bathing suit off in front of his widening eyes.
  5. No matter how cold the water is, I assure you it will feel fine within 90 seconds of getting in.  So, grit your teeth and do it -- you're going to be at the pool long enough anyway without wasting another 5 minutes.
  6. I've decided that the debate about belt versus belt-less pool-running is the equivalent of the barefoot running debate on land.   In the modified words of Malmo -- "just pool-run, baby."
  7. Sure conversational ice-breaker in the pool when you see a fellow pool-runner -- "So, what are you in here for?"


  1. UGH #1!!!!
    ha to them all, esp #4! Seriously!

  2. LOVE #1. That is so, so true!

    And I want to know what chemicals they use at your pools that don't destroy your bathing suits. Mine are completely stretched and threadbare after about 20 uses. :-(

  3. the "overweight butterfly swimmer" is the natural enemy of EVERYONE, just FYI.

  4. hahaha....love the overweight butterfly swimmer!!
    and the mom's that bring in lil boys in the lady's locker room, it's as uncomfortable as naked locker room talk....please don't! lol

  5. LOL.

    I recently started pool running and predictably have to stop at 30mins due to calf cramps.

    Any advice?

    - rovatti

  6. Hi Rovatti -- I don't have much issue with calf cramps myself when pool-running, and those that I did have were mild annoyances that could be ignored.

    How are you holding your feet? I know some people (especially those with swimming backgrounds) tend to really clench their feet and scrunch their toes -- if you're doing that, that might be a factor.

    I always hold my feet in a "plantar-flexed" position, but with the toes pulled up -- basically I envision myself pushing down through the ball of the foot with each "step".