Sunday, April 24, 2011

Training log - Week ending 4/24/11

This week was 44 miles of “real running” and 41 “miles” pool running, plus 4400m of swimming -- training log is here.

Quite a week. The stomach aftereffects of last Friday's 5K lingered through late Monday, giving me enough concern that I called my gastro doctor. By the time we actually spoke on Wednesday, they had subsided, but he gave me some more dietary changes to implement (reducing or eliminating oatmeal and dried fruit -- *sigh*) and we agreed that the next time I experience the similar symptoms post-race his office will fit me in for a "scan" (what type, I'm not sure...uh-oh...). Also have an appointment for next Friday.

Tuesday morning, I was feeling decent enough that I thought it was worth trying a track workout. Of course, then when I warmed up, I felt my right hip-flexor (psoas) pulling and twinging during my strides. Looking back -- I think the stomach issues aggravate the psoas issue. Basically, when my stomach cramped, I ended up losing all my core stability while trying to finish a 5K as best I could. Pelvic instability -> more strain on psoas -> twinging and soreness. And doing my long run on Sunday with my stomach still in discomfort didn't help.

Upon hearing about the psoas, Coach nixed the workout. He suggested that I do the workout in the pool instead, however, I had dealt with a similar issue before when I was exclusively pool-running and my experience had been that hard intervals in the pool were very rough on it (pool-running puts a ton of strain on hip-flexors, due to the fact that you're lifting your knee against water resistance). So I did easy outside runs on Tuesday and Wednesday, avoiding pool-running and also any hills.

I've been introducing swimming breathing drills into my routine as well (I do freestyle, trying to breath every 3 strokes, then every 5, then every 7, etc), so I took this as an opportunity to work on those as well -- using a pull-buoy so that the psoas didn't get used. The breathing drills seem to be helping -- after several weeks of feeling like I've been training at altitude, I'm starting to feel a bit better, breathing wise.  Friday's tempo was one of the first runs in quite some time where I felt like myself.

So, I was getting things together, and then the main pipe to my building burst inside my unit on Thursday morning about 4 am, with the effect being very much like someone opened up a fire hydrant in my living room. So that pretty much borked my Thursday workout plans (as well as depriving me of internet access for a few days). I'd like to say Thurday was an "easy day," but it sure didn't feel like one. Good news is that I managed to reacquire a working internet connection and a computer over the weekend, so I once again feel part of the world :)

Yup. Quite the week. Broad Street 10 Miler next Sunday -- hopefully it won't be as hot and humid as it was today.


Monday: In the morning, "12 miles" – 2 hours easy pool-running, and then 1000m of easy swimming. Foam-rolling+stretching+injury prevention exercises in the evening.

Tuesday: In the morning, a skipped track workout. Did 3 miles as a warm-up, plus drills and strides, and noted that my right psoas was pulling during the strides (it had also twinged during the uphill portions of two previous runs). Got pulled from workout, and drove back home (sulking) and ran around the mall for 9 very easy miles (8:30 pace) before hitting the gym for some of my injury prevention exercise plus upper body strength-training. That evening, I managed to get a massage in and got the psoas released.

Wednesday: In the morning, 8.5 easy miles outside on a flat route (8:40 pace), followed by a yoga class and foam-rolling. 1600m of easy swimming (all breathing drills with pull buoy) at night.

Thursday: In the morning, functional strength-training (ripping drywall apart, emptying wetdry vacuum repeatedly, moving furniture). Light strength-training plus "6 miles" (1 hour) easy pool-running at night.

Friday: In the morning, 9 miles on the track, including a 5k tempo workout. I started it intending to run 5 miles, but then my coach told me about 800m in to do no more than 4 miles due to the hip flexor. A bit after the 2 mile mark I started to feel my stomach cramp up, and felt the psoas start to tighten, so I shut it down at the 5K mark (I normally fight through stomach issues, but I was concerned about loss of form putting too much stress on the psoas). Splits were 6:48, 6:41, 6:36 and 0:47 for the last 200m, so 20:52 for 5K (6:42 pace). Hopped into the pool for 40 minutes of easy pool-running ("4 miles") and then 800m of swimming (breathing drills with pull buoy). In the afternoon, another massage to get the last bits of the psoas released and then a pilates session.

Saturday: In the morning, "13 miles" of easy pool-running (2:10 hours). Strength-training + foam-rolling/stretching in the afternoon.

Sunday: In the morning, 14 miles on a muddy canal towpath as a progression run - started at 9:10 pace and ended at 7:15, with the last 9 miles averaging 7:33 pace. Conditions weren't horrible, but they were hotter and more humid than I'm used to (temps around 65, dewpoint supposedly of 60, but I think it's more humid by the canal), plus a pretty high pollen count. At the 13 mile mark, I could feel myself struggling, so I backed off for the last mile in. I'm still decently happy with the run -- it was a good workout that hit exactly what I needed (over an hour of running at a hard aerobic pace). Followed up with a hour of very easy pool-running for recovery ("6 miles") and then 1000m of swimming breathing drills with a pull buoy. I'm going to hit the gym tonight for my injury prevention work plus foam-rolling and stretching.


  1. Wow- that is quite a week. That pipe burst sounds like a huge stressor to deal with. Good luck on your race next weekend!

  2. I hope the building is taking care of replacing whatever damage the pipe burst caused? Even with the interruption, sounds like it was still a great week!

  3. good grief, what a rough week. so, first, i'm sorry about your psoas - i'm glad you got it released and i hope it continues to behave. that's actually why i haven't been at the pool in a few weeks - because mine is acting up and throwing everything out of whack. also, i hope that your home is getting cleaned up, what a mess.

  4. Thanks guys. Good news is that it's just things.

    Amy -- the complication with "the building taking care of replacing" is that I'm 1/4 of "the building". It's a small condo building with 4 units that self-manages, so when something has to be done or paid for by "the building", it's me and 3 other people who have to agree on what needs to be done, and then dig into our pockets.

    And what is "the building" versus what is "me" depends on the condo bylaws, which means that there's going to be a lot of discussion as to which losses are 100% mine versus 22% mine (my share of the building is 22%)

  5. thumbs up of the swimming/breathing drills. I think they have huge benefits that cross over to out of the water.

  6. I definitely can feel digestive tract (and menstraul bloating) pressure on my psoas at times. Or after I've done a hard upper body workout, and my abdominal stabilizers are sore, I can feel the psoas tighten/pull. Damn our bodies for being all connected in there ;-)

    Sorry about the pipe/water...

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