Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Training log - Week ending 8/9/2022

This week was 59 miles of running, 1500 yards of swimming and 30 "miles" of pool-running -- training log is here.

Things are still going the right way, so I'm happy.  Tuesday's workout felt good, and was one of my fastest in a while.   I was also fairly happy with my runs on Friday and Saturday - they felt like the right kind of hard, and productive.

Fortunately the weather should cool down next weekend.


Monday:  4.5 miles easy (9:51), 6 "miles" of pool-running, and upper body weights/core.   Foam rolling at night.  

Tuesday: 12 miles, including 2x(1600, 800), 400, 2x200 in 6:45, 3:18, 6:38, 3:12, 94, 47 and 47.  4:46, 2:42, and 5:34 recovery for the 2x(1600, 800), and full recovery for the 400 and 200s.  Followed with leg strengthwork and 500 yards recovery swimming.  Foam rolling at night.
Wednesday:  Streaming yoga and 12 miles (9:54), with drills/hill sprints.  Foam rolling in evening.

Thursday: 12 "miles" pool-running and upper body weights/core.  Foam rolling in evening

Friday: 12.5 miles, including a tempo workout on the treadmill of 7x5 minutes at tempo effort with 1 minute jog.  Speeds of 8.2-8.3 mph for the tempo (7:14-7:19 pace) and 6 mph for the jog (10:00 pace). Followed with injury prevention work and 500 yards recovery swimming. Foam rolling at night.

Saturday: 18 miles (9:27) mostly easy but with a fartlek of 10x 90 seconds on, 6:30 easy starting in the second hour.  Followed with injury prevention work, 500 yards recovery swimming and 3 "miles" pool-running (keeping a friend company).  Foam rolling at night.

Sunday:  Streaming yoga and 9 "miles" pool-running.   Foam rolling at night.

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